Long lasting

Our rations are designed to be stored for long periods at room temperature.

Since 2001

Our long experience has given us a lot of knowhow.

Full range

We offer full range of components for MRE rations.

About us

About us

Food Force is Estonian food manufacturer specialized in production of dehydrated ready meals and various long shelf-life snacks.

Food Force products are meant for armies, aid organizations and crisis management organizations. Our products are also suitable for hikers, sailors and all the other people who need a tasty and nutritios meal but are lacking possibility to prepare it from the fresh ingredients.

Our assortment

Food Force portfolio consists of eight nutritios and easy to prepare main meals:

  • Thai style rice with chicken
  • Mexican style stew with rice
  • Fried rice with chicken
  • Potato stew with beef
  • Pasta Carbonara
  • Pasta with chicken
  • Pasta Bolognese
  • Beef goulash with potato

In addition, we have four cereal based breakfasts:

  • Strawberry muesli
  • Oatmeal porridge apple-cinnamon
  • Berry muesli
  • Oatmeal porridge vanilla.

Our snack selection consists of different nuts, berries and fruits – dried, sugared or covered with chocolate. Snacks are packed in small packages.

We have also wide selection of products developed in cooperation with our partners:

  • Wet main meals and breakfasts
  • Different crispbreads and breads
  • Wide selection of energy bars
  • Chocolates and cookies
  • Savory snacks
  • Pates with meat, fish and vegetarian
  • Drink powders
  • Tea, coffee
  • Sugar, salt, jam, honey.

In addition, we can offer flameless ration heaters, wet wipes and other items for the ration packs.
We constantly work on our product portfolio by developing new products according to customer needs: adding new flavors, making vegetarian and gluten/lactose free versions.

Food Force products lineup photo

Food Force products lineup

Our Contact

ET Food Force products are manufactured in our factory in Tabasalu, near Tallinn. This enables us to offer flexibility and customized service to our customers. Our factory is certified by ISO9001.


Priit Kotkas
Chairman of the Board

Ülle Uljata
Sales and Purchasing Manager

Heili Lind
Supply Chain Manager

Kommivabrik OÜ
Harku tee 59
76901 Estonia
+ 372 613 0231

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Kommivabrik OÜ
Harku tee 59
76901 Estonia
+ 372 613 0231