At Food Force we produce dehydrated meals and snacks to fill nutrition needs the best way possible.

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About us

Long lasting

Our rations are designed to be stored for long periods at room temperature.

Constantly improving

Our 22 years long experience has given us a lot of knowhow. We cooperate with different production partners and continuously improve our products and processes.

High quality

We ensure that all our products meet customer and legal requirements and are produced according to quality assurance accreditations such as ISO, IFS, BRC or HACCP.

Made for every meal

Easy preparation and nutrition meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Reliable partner

We are a long-term supplier for NATO member states and Scandinavian countries.

Made in Estonia

Long shelf life dehydrated meals now produced in Estonia.

Our assortment

24 hour food rations and 1 meal rations

Main meals

dehydrated, wet pouch


dehydrated, wet pouch

Sandwich coatings/pate

Sweet snacks

fruit & nut bars, dried fruits, chocolate, chocolate coated products

Savory snacks

snack mixes, nuts etc

Bread/crisp bread

High energy products

bars, gels

Hot & cold drink powders

isotonic drinks, coffee, tea


desinfective napkins, portion salt/sugar, heater etc.

Chewing gum



Food Force products lineup photo

Food Force products lineup

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Priit Kotkas
Chairman of the Board

Kelly Kütt
Chief Executive Officer

Reelika Allemann
Sales Manager

Ülle Uljata
Purchasing Manager

Kommivabrik OÜ
Harku tee 59
76901 Estonia
+ 372 613 0231

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Kommivabrik OÜ
Harku tee 59
76901 Estonia
+ 372 613 0231